Our values

Live out our values daily


Our ideals

Canon Bretagne has integrated the great ideals of the Japanese headquarters to its corporate culture:
- Kyosei: living and working in harmony for the common good is our philosophy.
- San-ji: includes 3 basic attitudes: self-motivation, self-control, self-awareness.
These values ​are general guidelines in how we consider the development of the company and of each of our employees.

Trust and innovation

Nothing is more important for us than to establish a relationship of confidence and stability with our partners. We have developed the "Canon Production System" for continuous improvement of performance and regular technological and methodological innovation

Social concerns

In our quest for well-being at work, several action plans are designed (Quality worklife, Gender equality, arduous work prevention, …)


Because we also think "local", Canon Bretagne is an active partner of communities since many years : charities such as "Téléthon" or "Les Virades de l'Espoir" but also sports clubs or local cultural events in which our employees are involved.