Design & development

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Project support

  • Assistance or development of functional specifications
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Advice and expertise, force of proposal
  • Risk analysis
  • Design according to ISO 13485 requirements

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Embedded electronic systems development

  • Production of definition diagrams and plans to meet expected requirements
  • Routing of printed circuits using Altium Designer, all technologies, in accordance with product specifications
  • Export of 3D boards and components
  • Certification IPC IPC CAD IPC2221, IPC2222, IPC7351
  • EMC expertise
  • Development of test benches to ensure manufacturing traceability

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Mechanical development

  • Multidisciplinary team : plastics, sheet metal, rotational molding, thermoforming, aluminum injection, machining
  • Development of plastics molds, serialization and optimization of existing ones
  • Digital mechanical and thermal simulation
  • Rheological simulation for plastics
  • Import of all types of 3D drawing

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Embedded software development

  • Establishment of technical specifications
  • Integration of drivers on Linux and Android platforms
  • Firmware development on 8/16/32 bit microcontroller with or without real time constraint
  • System testing and validation

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Modeling and prototyping

  • Fast mechanical or electronic modeling
  • Prototype molds for plastic parts of good materials or small series
  • Realization of functional or demonstration prototypes
  • Prequalification for CE certification of the product
  • Stratasys Uprint plus ABS wire 3D printer
  • Trotec laser cutting
  • CNC machining machine
  • Test machines (vibration, drop …)

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