Special equipment

Human and material resources to ensure your productions and your expertise


Anechoic chamber

The anechoic chamber enables us to perform acoustic tests.





Clean rooms

Since 1987, our products have been manufactured in clean rooms which are specially controlled spaces with respect to temperature, humidity, dust and lighting.  These clean rooms are classified as ISO 7 and ISO 8.


Weathering test equipment

Canon Bretagne has climate chambers and climate rooms which enable to perform different types of weathering tests (from -70°C to +150°C in temperature, and from 0 to 90% in humidity).


X-ray room

Canon Bretagne has a certified shielded room for X-ray certified by DGSNR*

* French Directorate General for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection


Analysis laboratory

Canon Bretagne’s laboratory is equipped with various tools which enable us to perform chemical analysis of materials.


Calibration laboratory

Canon Bretagne is equipped with tools to ensure the accuracy of measurements and test results related to adjustment, calibration or checking of your products.


Metrology tools

  • 1 set of 3D inspection equipment
  • A wide range of tools for a variety of tests

- Standard tools

Calipers, height gauges, comparators, micrometers, surface plates, levels, plain ring gauges, go-no-go gauges, spacers, measuring rods, dynamometers, Shore hardness tester

- Specific tools

Profile projector, gear rolling tester, tensile and compression testing machine, coaxiality measuring machine, durometer, surface tester, measuring microscope, 3D measuring machine, laser micrometer


Transport simulation equipment

  • • 1 LANSMONT drop tester (max. height: 183 cm/max. package weight: 80 Kg)
  • • 2 vibration testers :

   - 1 sine wave tester (ETS Solution) equipped with “VibControl” software
   - 1 random vibration tester (LDS) equipped with “Dactron Shaker Control” software